Chain Guard

Size: CG6x6
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Chain Guard

Lone Star Marine’s Chain Guard was developed to reduce the noise of chain going over the deck rollers and hawse pipes, as well as protect the boat from bumps and scrapes. Another Original product from LSM.

  • Prevents scaring fish away by reducing noise
  • Further prevents chain damage to your boat surfaces
  • Long-lasting material (ticker and stiffer tight weave pattern)
  • Comes in 8m, 10m and 12m lengths
  • Suitable for 6mm and 8mm chain
  • CG6x6  - Chain Guard 6m x CG to suit 6mm SL Chain
  • CG6x10 - Chain Guard 10m x CG to suit 10mm SL Chain
  • CG8x8  - Chain Guard 8m x CG to suit 8mm SL Chain
  • CG8x10 - Chain Guard 10m x CG to suit 8mm SL Chain
  • CB8x12 - Chain Guard 12m x CG to suit 8mm SL Chain

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