BayStar Complete Side Mount Hydraulic Steering Kit-Tilt Helm

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BayStar side mount steering system - Tilt helm

  • The simplest of hydraulic installations
  • Once common cylinder fits most engines
  • Convenient tilt tube mounting a per ABYC/NMMA/BIA standards
  • Anodised alloy cylinder for reduced friction and longer seal life
  • Patented No Feedback steering lock valves
  • 5.9 turns lock to lock

Kit includes:

  • BayStar helm pump standard - tilt helm
  • BayStar side mount cylinder to suit
  • 15 metres semi-rigid nylon hose kit
  • 4 x nut and olive kit
  • 1 x filler kit 
  • 2 x 1 litre SeaStar solutions oil

Note: Suits up to 150hp 

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