Fischer Panda Marine Generator - Panda 5000i Neo

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The new 5000i.Neo iSeries generator Features the Fischer Panda water-cooled FPE320 single cylinder engine. Panda iSeries generators are the first of the next generation of compact, super silent and powerful generators.

Using modern diesel engines which meet the latest emission standards and variable speed technology, the operating speed can be adjusted to match the load to ensure an efficiency while supplying extremely stable voltage and frequency.

Fischer Panda iSeries generators are fitted with the highly regarded sound insulation and water-cooling. The Panda iSeries generators have been especially designed to be light and compact – up to 30% weight and space savings!

• Variable speed – load-dependent
• Small size and low weight – compact installation
• Highly efficient – maximum energy
• 230V AC output – reliable power supply
• Pure sine wave is ideal for sensitive electronics
• High starting capacity for most air conditioners / diving compressors
• Easy to install – reduces costs
• Environmentally friendly – low fuel consumption
• Optional SAE J1939 interface
• 2 year warranty, 1 year commercial warranty

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