Heavy Duty Battery Isolators

Style: Standard Type Isolator
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Standard Type Isolator

Rated to 180 amp continuous duty at 12v.
800 amp Intermittant.
Plastic body complete with rubber sealing cap.
10mm brass bolts & nuts.
Suits both 12 and 24 volt.

RWB2077 - Isolator Switch
SP534 - Spare key

4 Pole Isolator

Isolates both the positive and negative circuit which is a requirement for commercial
and survey applications.
1,200 amp momentary and 240 amp continuous rating at 12 volt (120 amp continuous
at 24 volt) 4 x 10mm brass bolts and nuts. Removable key.
Rubber sealing cap. Suits both 12 and 24 volt.

RWB2079 - 4 pole switch
SP535 - Spare Key

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