Navigation Lights - LED Side Mount

Color: Black
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The advantages of LED (Light Emitting Diode) make conventional lighting pale
into insignificance.
- 10 to 15 times less power draw than equivalent incandescent navigation lights
- Minimal heat build up, so gasket and sealing designs do not have to allow for significant expansion and contraction
- Vibration resistance. Planing hulls subject navigation lights to sustained pounding. Hot fragile incandescent bulb filaments are verysusceptible to breaking with the constantvibration and pounding experienced at high speed and by small craft. LEDs on the other hand are solid state and have no hot fragile filaments to fail
- LED navigation lights are multi cluster LEDs; there are multiple LEDs in each light, so in the unlikely event that one LED should fail the navigation light is still operational to get you to your destination safely. With incandescent lighting, when the bulb blows you have no navigation light

BLA Navigation Lights - LED Side Mount

Clean contoured shape to blend with the boat aesthetics. No edges to catch on ropes or crew. LED reliability, energy efficiency and low heat generation. Clear lens for maximum illumination. The red and green colour is created by the LED.
High quality, U.V. stabilised plastic housing. 12 volt, sold as a pair. Meets 72 COLREGS.

Colour - Black
Base mm - 90x56
Depth mm - 37
Mount Screws mm - 4 C/S

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