OceanLED Underwater Lights - Explore E6

Style: Dual Blue/White
Sale price$3,695


OceanLED Explore E6 is an excellent choice flush mount underwater LED light for fishing and cruising in medium & large sized boats. Outputting 11,000 fixture lumens in an exchangeable flush mount, compact design with Dual Blue/White and RGBW light options. Advanced optics, designed exclusively by OceanLED, delivers a genuinely striking 90 degrees surface beam angle with a focused 20 degree side beam angle providing greater water penetration and illuminated a greater area in the water.
  • 11,000 Fixture Lumens - Best-in-class performance from this ultra-bright light makes it the obvious choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd.
  • 90 degree/20 degree Beam Angle - A true wide-angled, focused beam produces a blade of light under the water that penetrates further.
  • Compact Design - Less room required in the vessel.
  • Plug and Play - Deutsch connectors make installation simpler.
  • Internal Driver - Quicker to install
  • 240V AC option (100V - 240V AC 50/60HZ)
  • Upgrade path from Allure Series - Same hole sizes as allure 150/250
  • Easy to clean - Thanks to its Tritonium coating, a simple wipe of the lens removes any underwater growth saving hours of scraping each time you use it.
  • Fish-Strobe Mode - Exceptionally bright, randomised strobing of the light is proven to attract more fish and catch more bait.

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