Rule 3700 Bilge Pump

Size: 12 volt 3700 GPH 1.5. amp
Sale price$531


Very high capacity extra heavy duty DC electric bilge pumps.  The Rule 3700 pumps a huge 3700 US gallons per hour - 1 gallon per second at open discharge.  They have extra heavy duty motors and are designed and built to give years of reliable service.  Ideal pump for surfboats, large pleasure boats and commercial craft.  Super reliable, commercial quality construction and performance.  they include a snap-on strainer base for easy cleaning and fitting, stainless screws and a clip to secure a float switch to the pump.  Requires a Rule float switch to operate automatically.  3 year limited warranty
  • 3700 GPH - 233 litres per minute
  • Extra heavy duty water/air cooled motor
  • Fully submersible
  • Teflon seals and stainless shaft
  • Ignition protected - won't create spark
  • Can run dry for short periods
  • Size - 184mm H x 124mm W
  • Hose outlet suits 38mm (1-1/2").

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