Scepter Large Capacity Topside Fuel Tanks

Size: 34 Litre Fuel Tank
Sale price$205


Canadian made injected moulded fuel tanks made from high-density polyethylene with UV stabilised resin.
Includes vented fuel cap and fuel level gauge.
A variety of capacities and sizes are available.
Height dimensions shown below include the fuel gauge / cap.
Suitable for use with petrol and ethanol blended fuel.
These tanks will also handle diesel fuel - however if a
diesel return line is required there is no standard
modification available to return the line to the tank.

34 Litre (9 US Gallon)
580mm long x 355mm wide x 290mm high Inc cap
RWB3427 - 34 litre tank - tall thin style
RWB3673 - Replacement gauge & fuel pickup assembly

45 Litre (12 US Gallon) TALL
Tall, Thin Style
580mm long x 355mm wide x 355mm high Inc cap
RWB3428 - 45 litre tank - Tall style
RWB3677 - Replacement gauge & fuel pickup assembly

45 Litre (12 US Gallon) LOW
Wide, Flat, Low Profi le Style
615mm long x 455mm wide x 290mm high Inc cap
RWB3678 - 45 litre tank - low profi le style
RWB3427 - Replacement Gauge & fuel pickup assembly

Fuel Tank Tie-Down Kit
Includes 2 x large plastic wedges with 1.5 Metre strap and cleats.
Suits all large Scepter, Easterner and Diablo tanks.
For better stability on longer tanks use 2 x tie-down kits.
RWB4497 - Set

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