Scepter Marine Fuel Tanks - Deluxe

Size: 12 Litre Fuel Tank
Sale price$95


Highest quality, fully approved marine fuel tanks made from tough, dent-resistant, lightweight, non-rusting, high density polyethylene.
Easy to carry, easy to stow, safe and sturdy.
These fuel tanks are fully approved to AS2906 and have the Australian standard mark stamped into the tank.
Suitable for use with petrol and ethanol blended fuel.
These tanks will also handle Diesel fuel - however if a diesel return line is required there is no standard modifi cation available to return the line to the tank.

12 Litre Fuel Tank

12 litre (3.2 US gallon) capacity.
Supplied with vented cap and fuel pickup assembly with filter.
Carried horizontally.
355 L x 255 W x 220mm H.

RWB3451 - 12 litre tank

25 Litre Fuel Tanks

25 litre (6.6 US gallon) capacity.
Available with built-in fuel gauge and vented cap (RWB3452) - or vented cap only (no fuel gauge)
Supplied with fuel pickup assembly.
Carried vertically.
540 L x 360 W x 220mm H.

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