Wireless Remote Control Kit for GX Series Anchor Winch

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New Model with Two Remotes! LSM wireless remotes are easy to install, simply connect to your existing solenoid and you are ready to go. Both handsets are already paired to the receiver, no pairing required. Just press the red power button and you are good to go. The power will automatically turn itself off after a minute, saving the internal battery.

Remotes are good for 150ft and set to individual frequencies, so you won’t be dropping your neighbors anchor upon deployment. This remote pack works on all LSM GX Series anchor winches, or any solenoid driven DC motor.

Each kit includes:
*Two Remotes
*Floating Keychain
*Terminal Screws for screw in solenoids
*Twin blade posts & female spades for blade solenoids
*Installation Instructions
*1 Year Warranty

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